Monday, January 24, 2022

CAN 2021--Round-of-Sixteen (Part II)


Servus Syndicate Members,

Life's just too damned good, gentlemen. 

It always is when we reach this stage of this particular international. 

The "mother continent" always delivers. If you choose to shutter your eyes to this tournament, that is your personal loss. 

This world offers misery, dejection, fear, and constant outrage to those who seek it out. 

It also offers the color, light, passion, and power of football. The choice is yours. 

Bookie's Updated Stats

Spread: 15-25

Straight Up: 20-13-7

A shootout that went 18 spot kicks deep anyone?

Ride on, Stallions!

How about the ultimate Cinderella Story? 

The sting of the Scorpions!

At least the bookie got something right! Totally misfired on the "Super Eagles".

At least we still have the tournament hosts. 

"No, you're the man!" 

"Hell with that, you're the man!"

So it goes with footballers. Cherish every moment!

Tuesday, January 25th

Senegal vs. Cape Verde

We're all a bit concerned for Alsio Cissé's Lions at this point. Only one goal scored in group stage play. Two 0-0 draws were still enough to top the group, but from whence shall this awakening come?

It's far from clear. African football's "Philosopher King" has done his fair share of thinking. Sadio Mané worked as a lead striker in the first match, an anchoring ten in the second, and a left flanker in the third

Still the answers don't come. 
The elimination rounds offer all a clean slate, but nothing has even had a chance to take hold and incubate yet. It's late. Perhaps too late to pull something together to stop a Verdean veteran team largely accustomed to one another. 
Call the bookie's tactical instincts into action, will you? Fine. Divot Ismaila Sarr as a false-nine. Keep Mané on the left and give Bamba Dieng the go opposite. 
It is accomplished.
Prop Bets (as always, feel free to offer your own)

Over/Under—3 Goals 

120 Minutes—Straight Up

Penalty Shootout—2 to 1

 Mané brace—2 to 1

 H. Diallo start—Straight Up

 G. Rodrigues start—Straight Up

 K.R. Santos brace—3 to 1


THE LINE: Senegal +1 goal

Morocco vs. Malawi


There may yet be room still in this quarterfinal set for one more cinderella.  The "Flames" were among those who met their "upset special" status. Team spirit remains in line with hair-dye coordination. 

Regrettably, hair-dye coordination seems to be the only type of group chemistry holding at this point. One could tell during the Senegal match that Malawi were bucking and breaking at times. 

There's also the fact that they're up against this man when he happens to be coming into form. 

Yeah. Achraf Hakimi in the mood. The heart called for another "upset alert", but sadly we must refrain from pushing the button here. 

Looking forward to a fast, fun, and even close one here. In the final analysis, the favorites likely prevail.

Prop Bets (as always, feel free to offer your own)

Over/Under—4 Goals

120 Minutes—Straight Up

Penalty Shootout—2 to 1

 Boufal goal—Straight Up

 Dual Mmaee start—Straight Up

 Mhango brace—3 to 1

 Madinga goal—2 to 1

THE LINE: Morocco +1 goal

Wednesday, January 26th

Cote d'Ivoire vs. Egypt


The absolute marquee matchup of the first elimination round. Exceptionally hard to pick out a winner. A crying shame to have to pick out a winner. Noting your friendly bookie's slight sub-Saharan bias, you can digest the pick. 

Too much pop in this year's version of Les Elephants. Once a Carlos Queiroz Apostle, the bookie can't comprehend what he's seeing from the Portuguese trainer currently in charge of the Pharaohs at this point. 

It's all set up for the 2015 Champions to supply us with more special moments still. Apologies to the record continental champions, but the revival with have to wait another year.

Could be a real high-scoring cracker, though.

Prop Bets (as always, feel free to offer your own)

Over/Under—4 Goals

120 Minutes—Straight Up

Penalty Shootout—Straight Up

 Pépé brace—Straight Up

 Zaha goal—2 to 1

 Salah brace—2 to 1

 Marmoush goal—3 to 1

THE LINE: Cote d'Ivoire +1 goal

Mali vs. Equatorial Guinea


Feeling pretty good about "Les Aigles" prospects here, even if they are playing a two-win team. The National Thunder were fairly bang average in both of their victories. The 2015 hosts are not to be underestimated of course, but neither are the "salute crew".

Good God does your friendly bookie love this country and this team. It doesn't matter how many Traorés, Konés, Camaras, and Coulibalys they confuse us with every year. 

Keep them coming. I don't care if they drive me crosseyed every year. Look, it's a sentimental pick. I can have one of those. 

By the way, since we haven't mentioned it since the preview section.:


This country has earned its right to football!

Prop Bets (as always, feel free to offer your own)

Over/Under—2 Goals 

120 Minutes—Straight Up

Penalty Shootout—2 to 1

 Doumbia brace—2 to 1

 I. Koné brace—2 to 1

 Ganet goal—2 to 1

 Ovono start—2 to 1

THE LINE: Mali +1 goal