Wednesday, July 17, 2019

CAN 2019--Day Thirty-Five Recap

Your “Syndicate Hangover” is proudly presented by “Perrier”

Your friendly bookie remains more of a San Pellegrino man, but we’ll accord the hosts some respect for their second-rate club soda. Along with La Croix, it’s an acceptable option when the only other alternative happens to be Seltzer Water.

Day 35: Recap

Bookie’s Stats—
Spread: 54-74
Straight up: 75-36-16

Tweren’t pretty. Our “Super Eagles” nevertheless got it done, gentlemen. They earned their bronze medals and our final daily of the Summer. If one counts the day awarded to the women’s team, that’s a sum of four days for Nigeria. 

All hail the S.S.S. Champions of the 2019 Summer Dailies!

“Riffs of the Day”—Day Thirty-Five

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Reader: Really going to leave us for a full year, Vicey?

Vicey: I’ll see you son enough, 8-M. Alas, bringing you agreeable advertising-free content carries with I the consequence of having to find other means of paying for your daughter’s Schwag Pack. : )   

Reader: Don’t go for the whole year, Vicey.

Vicey: Alright. Now you guys are touching a Schopenhauerian nerve. Just who do you think you are, 56-M? One of those countless number of people over the years who remained interested in staying in touch despite the fact that I’m clearly an impecunious imbecile?


Reader: Love how you always tease the ending. It’s like your closing a marvel universe or closing the book on The Known World.

Vicey: Had to look that second one up, 109-M. Your friendly bookie just doesn’t know his “Game of Thrones”. I’m told I missed out on some really nice breasts while busying myself with barely readable crap like Karl Ove Knausgard’s “Mein Kampf”. Perhaps I’ll give it a look some time. Sounds like fun. Dragon CGI…and breasts as well. 

Reader: You’re going to tell me to kick a ball with a stranger? My mom told me never to talk to strangers. 

Vicey: Your mom told me differently last night, 150-M. I feel you, though. Certain people threaten to sour your taste for human contact permanently. That’s precisely why misanthropes like you and I must keep seeking out the company of those who would balance out our worldview.

Reader: Watching Ighalo get subbed off. No one else is going to score in this match.

Vicey: Very prescient from 111-M early on. Watching this turgid Third Place fixture makes me miss “Messi-Medel 2019”.

No, fuck that. I asked YOU first 

Reader: I yearn to play again.

Vicey: You still can. You’ve got a full thirty years before your body really starts breaking down, 17-M. Cherish every touch.


The “Goodbyes” Section is all that remains. One last day of “friends and football.” Some of our Summer Sportsbook traditions are as old as the Syndicate itself. New ones emerge each year. Bookie wishes to maintain one that originated last Summer. 

Nowhere near sick of this number. Last day alive, gentlemen. ; )