Tuesday, July 16, 2019

CAN 2019--Third Place Match

Servus Syndicate Members,
An abridged post tonight as we’re discussing a Third Place match in which virtually all of us have the same desired outcome. 

As is customary, we use this space to take care of a little housekeeping before the bookie has to close his laptop for at least a week and undertake the monumental task of cleaning his own completely wrecked house.

I’ve opted to invoke bookie privilege and call off all bets for the Final on Friday. Let’s simply enjoy it together, catching up if we can. Finalize those spreadsheets if you don’t plan on wagering on Nigeria vs. Tunisia tomorrow. As always, betting tallies can be rolled over until it is time for the Syndicate to convene once again. 

We always use the Third Place match to discuss future syndicate chapters. Last year, we covered four. This time around, as many of you well know, there is only one.

UEFA Euro 2020

Oh yes. “Live it. For Real”. 

The introduction of the UEFA Nations League has everyone understandably a little confused about the qualifying process. Do allow your friendly bookie to simplify matters a bit for you. Here’s all you really need to know.

I) In addition to being an excuse to make more money, one should view the UEFA Nations League as a clever tool for ensuring that the big European footballing nations never again miss out on a major tournament. All of the major players are virtually assured a place in the second 24-team edition of this international

2) That being said, there are some teams lagging a bit behind in the current group qualifying phase, the fifth round of which will resume on September 5th. As usual, there will be three international qualifying breaks in Autumn 2019. In addition to the one in the first week of September, the European Leagues will also yield to Euro qualifying in the second weeks of October and November. 

Keep an eye on Portugal, Croatia, Wales, Norway, and the Dutch. It’s practically guaranteed that they’ll catch up and secure qualification, but they’re worth looking in on. 

3) Mark your calendars for the week of March 26th, 2020. That’s when the new UEFA playoffs will take place. Four of the smaller countries will duke it out in a single-leg semifinal round and a final. Thirteen playoff places are already reserved for countries that performed well in the UEFA Nations League. Nine of these teams will qualify through group play. The remaining four must compete for the final spot.

Alles klar?

…321 days remaining.

Third Place Match

Nigeria vs. Tunisia


Bookie will keep it short and snappy. Go “Super Eagles”. Lord do I hate this Tunisian side. Hope they beat the spread.

THE LINE: Nigeria +2 Goals

Over/Under—3 Goals